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Focus on your business goals and we will help you to expand your horizons with our IT-driven solutions. You can trust us with your business needs and we won’t fail you! Our technical team will make sure that your product has the best infrastructure and our marketing team will ensure that it gets a vibrant reach.

Our agency believes in innovation and creativity. So, we keep on upgrading ourselves with the latest technologies, frameworks, tools, and ideas so that we can deliver the most creative solution to your brand!

Our Mission

At Markonik, we want to evolve future businesses with our IT-driven approach and make a significant impact in the software domain all across the globe. With this tech-oriented mindset, we want to embark on a new path in the Digital Marketing industry too.

Our Vision

Our vision is to integrate human creativity with technical expertise and craft the best software solutions for you. With tailored solutions, we want you to gain more benefits and thrive in your industry. This will also help you in your SEO and SEM goals and make you one of the prominent leaders in your industry.


What Clients Say About Markonik?

We don’t bluff! See what our clients think about our work and services. We believe in transparency and that helps us to get long-term clients just like you

Virasat Builders

Markonik is one of the best Brand Promotion agency in Jaipur. Ad campaign runs by them are good they generated lead for us. Very effective marketing strategy. I am very impressed. Approach them and get faster result to grow your Business reputation.

Virasat Builders
Redfox School


Very happy with the services they are giving me since last 1 year. Their reporting, revert back response and results are good. They improved my GMB on various keywords and I am getting good amount of leads for my business. Well done team. 


Redfox School
Ummaid Elegence

Amazing experience with Markonik. It provides the best social media marketing services in Jaipur. Their team members are amazing & helpful. Markonik is the best digital marketing company in Jaipur with a robust team of Social Media services. They helped provides more leads.

Ummaid Elegence

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Our Team

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Isha Gupta
Isha Gupta
Social Media Executive
Jr. Graphic Designer
Business Development
Management Head
Sr. Graphic Designer
Digital Marketing Manager
Founder & CEO

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Our core expertise lies in creating mobile-friendly websites. We know today’s audience is mostly mobile-based users. So, we make sure that your website is fully compatible across all screen sizes by making it 100% responsive.


Digital marketing empowers your website to stand out, attract potential customers, and grow your business in a cost-effective and measurable way. To reach and engage with your target audience effectively you should know that the only key is digital marketing.  


Our agency is fully equipped to handle any website development need. We cater to multiple industries ranging from hospitality, healthcare, education, finance, and many more. We create robust, secure, and trustworthy web solutions.

The amount of time frame depends on your business requirements. However, once we decide what features you want us to integrate, we will come up with a detailed timeframe so that you can understand the deadline goals clearly.

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More About Us

Boost Your Business with Top-Notch IT Services and Cutting-Edge Digital Marketing Solutions.:

Contact Markonik to Empower Your Business Goals

We, at Markonik, are known for our expertise in software solutions and marketing strategies. By integrating a holistic approach, we try to deliver some of the best innovative products and suggestions for your business. By using the best technical solutions, creative thinking, and our years of accumulated knowledge and experience, we know what is best for your company. Our solutions are not only of top-notch quality but also affordable for any company. You can trust us and our skills. We won’t let you down. Our commitments are our only priority!

The best factor that makes us stand out from the other competitors is our work procedures. Starting from product discussion to conceptualization and finally deployment, we make sure that your product is developed in the best possible way. Even for our Digital Marketing services, we go through several stages like Market Analysis, Strategizing, and Tested Execution. We make sure that your money is justified! Our hard work will get you the best results ever. Contact the best Software and Digital Marketing Company.


Our Values and Goals

Your Success, Our Blueprint

We, at Markonik, value quality over anything else. Our application and web design and development services are known amongst everyone for their extensive quality. Our websites are responsive, mobile-friendly, and function immaculately in every single situation. We have collaborated with several companies and created their software products which went through rigorous testing before deployment.

With our digital marketing services, we aim to bring a huge change in the startup industry. We wish to turn your dreams into a reality. Our main goal is to make your product reach out to millions and gain you a huge online visibility. Trust us, we are the best Digital Marketing agency that provides several services like SEO Optimization, SEM, Adsense services, Backlinking, Pay-Per-Click services, etc.


What Services Are Markonik Good at?

1. Enterprise Application Development: We specialize in building good-quality enterprise applications that can help your organization to multiply and broaden its operations.

2. Web Application Development: For bringing your business to an online platform, we can help you by designing and deploying the best web applications. We make sure that the websites are mobile-friendly, effective, and secure for all payments.


3. Quality Analysis and Testing: Our applications and websites go through rigorous automation testing and quality analysis to create the best quality software solutions.

4. Content Marketing: Our content marketing solutions help you reach your potential, engage your customers, and help them understand your product better through promotional content.

5. Digital Marketing Strategy: With our digital marketing strategy, we help to promote your product through the best advertising channels. By making the least investment, we make sure that you get the highest ROI.

6. SEO Optimization: Markonik is known for excellent SEO optimization through well-researched keywords, backlinking, and building a brand authority for you all.


How Do We Work for Your Software Development and Marketing Needs?

Know What You Need

It all begins with a detailed conversation for us to establish what your business goals are, who is the target audience and determine where you see yourself after deploying your marketing or software needs. We analyze your requirements, dreams, and any potential issues with the digital environment that you might be struggling to address.

In-Depth Analysis and Research:

Finally, we set off on an in-depth research expedition employing potent means of SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Analytics for outlining your industry profile terrain, competitors' positions, and keyword difficulties. This analysis, in turn, allows us to find possible market growth points and consider a specified goal of you as the positioning within your competitive environment.


Create a Strategic Plan

Equipped with such invaluable insights gathered during our research, we begin to develop a comprehensive strategic plan aimed at detailing the way through which both software development and digital marketing activities will be conducted. This strategy, however, includes such aspects as the selection of technologies and platforms; resource allocation, and testing methodologies.

Designing and development

With the strategic plan implemented our team of talented designers and developers will know what to work on – realizing your vision. Our process in graphic design begins with designing friendly user interfaces and drawing attention using compelling digital assets such as Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite. At the same time, our programmers use technologies such as Python, JavaScript, and even frameworks such as React or Node js which help to create user-friendly solutions fast.

Testing and quality assurance

For everything we do, quality is at a premium. Before our deployment, we test both your software solutions and digital marketing campaigns quite strictly. This is inclusive of the whole functional testing, performance, and user acceptance tests to ensure consistency in experience, and quality across all channels.

Launch & Deployment

Once we test everything thoroughly and refine the process, we move on to deployment. We utilize common and easy-to-use industry tools for deployment that include Docker and Kubernetes, which allow users to deploy the software solutions without any hassle. At the same time, we start promoting your business online through targeted digital marketing campaigns across appropriate channels using platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager Google Ads, and email tools like MailChimp or HubSpot.

Monitor & Optimize

When live, we closely monitor the effectiveness of your software solutions and digital marketing campaigns using sophisticated analytics tools. We measure KPIs, assess engagement metrics among users, and collect feedback to improve our marketing strategies to get the best profit returns on them.


So, now, you know what Markonik’s core expertise lies in! We dream and dare to achieve excellence. Our main goal is to ensure that all your products are built properly with care and seriousness. You can trust us with your dreams and give us the perfect opportunity to work with you.

Contact us for your IT and Digital Marketing needs.

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