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Whatsapp Marketing

Unlock the Power ofPersonalised Engagement

In today's digital era, whatsapp has emerged as a dominant force in the communication world. With over 2 billion active users worldwide, whatsapp is unbeatable in the terms of its reach and instantaneous nature. Markonik understands that instant communication is the key to engaging with your brand's customers in real time. We present an unparalleled opportunity for your business to engage with your customers on a whole new level. With whatsapp marketing you can create personalised messages and deliver it directly to your customer in seconds.

  • Strategic campaign planning
  • Performance tracking
  • Engaging content creation
  • Automated messaging

Benefit of Services

With Markonik as your whatsapp Marketing partner your brand will unlock its high reach and potential. We will drive engagement, conversions and business growth like never before. With whatsapp marketing your brand's message will reach a vast user base, maximising your brand's visibility in the market.

  • Unparalleled Reach
  • High open and conversion rates
  • Real time engagement
  • Multimedia opportunities
  • Personalised communication
  • Targeted Campaigns

Increase ROI with The Best
WhatsApp Marketing Agency

WhatsApp marketing is one of the popular promotions via Messenger that boosts ROI by five times. This works for all types of companies, whether small or large, B2B or B2C; it enables the best customer experience by connecting with them directly.

WhatsApp marketing is a type of messenger marketing that is used to promote your brand through WhatsApp and engage directly with customers. Our experts will help you to connect with your target audience and introduce them to your products and services, offer discounts, coupons, and more through this platform, and encourage your ideal customers to shop for the products with high open rates and click-through rates (CTR), WhatsApp provides an instant customer support system and builds trust and credibility. Moreover, it also allows you to automate messages by using chatbots.

It helps you connect with your target audience in many formats, such as videos, links, and documents, in one place with easy access. WhatsApp provides a separate business WhatsApp application for companies to connect with their ideal customers and we help you leverage the power of WhatsApp marketing with our result driven strategies, although the audience will receive the message on regular WhatsApp as it doesn't make any difference from the user perspective.

Unveil Your Full Potential With WhatsApp Marketing:

Pros of WhatsApp Marketing:

More Engagement:

80% of WhatsApp messages are read within the first five minutes of being sent. With over 45–60% open rates, it increases the chances of being seen, which therefore helps boost sales and revenue.

Private and personalized messages:

With the broadcast feature, you can send messages personally and customize offers and services. You can send order updates, shipping updates, and help them personally without wasting any time.

Engage in Many Formats:

One of the biggest advantages WhatsApp provides is that it allows a wide range of interactive content formats to be shared. You can share links, text messages, images, videos, and more, as it keeps the reader engaged. Furthermore, there is no restriction on longer messages as compared to SMS, which allows 1000 characters.

Supports two-way communication:

Its ability to support two-way communication makes it more effective. 53% of users prefer to shop directly rather than visit the company's website; hence, reaching out to customers can prove beneficial for companies as it increases the ROI.

Best WhatsApp Marketing Practices We Follow At Markonik:

WhatsApp is an easy-to-use marketing method with better results and a higher rate of conversions. There are certain rules and practices that need to be followed while doing WhatsApp marketing.

Follow WhatsApp guidelines:

At the best WhatsApp marketing agency, we respect the platform and follow a proper set of guidelines set by Meta to send messages. These guidelines include proper formatting, such as the presentation of products, and language. These guidelines are meant for a better user experience.

Craft Personalized Content for WhatsApp Marketing:

WhatsApp is an independent marketing channel that is not so hard to learn. Most of the email marketing practices can be applied to WhatsApp marketing. Practices such as designing and formatting the images, writing content, and crafting strong CTAs should be done especially for WhatsApp marketing, as copied content from other platforms might not be able to bring desirable results and even get rejected by Meta.

Strategies and Values:

Our experts strategically plan the campaign and offer them value in WhatsApp marketing. It can be used for delivery updates and confirmation of messages. event reminders, and more, along with your product and service updates. It allows users easy access to the information and encourages them to take action.

Why does your business need WhatsApp marketing?

WhatsApp marketing is one of the most popular messaging platforms, with so many active users around the world. Every business may use WhatsApp marketing to reach out to their target audience and advertise their services and products.

Here's How It Helps Your Businesses:

Increase brand awareness:

You can create a group page to promote your brand and add important information about your business, like a website link, address, and contact details, that customers can use to reach out to you. Moreover, you can add a list of your products and services on WhatsApp, which allows customers to scroll through your products without having to use a browser. This can increase awareness of your brand and boost conversions.

Automation and Direct Contact:

You can directly pitch your products and services to your ideal customers and respond to them instantly, which saves a lot of time. Most customers want a fast reply from the customer desk when they ask any query. WhatsApp makes it easy to respond to your customers with the help of chatbots, which help automate the messages.

Provide an API:

Small businesses can use WhatsApp to send reminders to customers about their orders or bills. Additional companies can also remind them to shop for the products that they have left in the cart.

Increase Credibility:

Our experts help you get a green tick on WhatsApp along with your brand promotion, which increases the authenticity of your brand and builds trust among the target audience.

How We Help You Get Your Desired Results:

Our specialists identify the target audience, their preferences, and their behavioral characteristics. We develop a strategy and plan to connect with the ideal clients and make them aware of your products and services using a WhatsApp marketing campaign after studying the target population. We deliver tailored communications to clients in order to interact with them, promote your products and services to them, and encourage them to purchase your stuff.

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Frequently Asked Question
From Our

A: We can help your business by catering specialised whatsapp marketing services to fulfil your business needs. We have an expertise team that creates strategic campaigns and engaging contents to connect with your targeted audience. We provide automated messaging solutions and real time engagement along with data-driven insights and targeted campaigns, we optimise performance, ensuring your messages resonate with the right audience and drive results.

A: Yes, At Markonik, we strictly adhere to Whatsapp's policies and guidelines, ensuring compliance and safeguarding user privacy. We understand the importance of brand reputation and customer trust, forn this we take all necessary efforts to maintain compliance with privacy.

A: Markonik understands the significance of personalization in marketing. We create customised messages that resonate with individual customers, addressing their specific needs and preferences. Through targeted campaigns and segmented lists, we deliver personalised content that fosters stronger connections and brand loyalty.

A: Whatsapp Marketing allows for real-time customer engagement and support, offering quick responses to inquiries and concerns. By providing instant support, businesses can build trust, enhance customer satisfaction, and reinforce positive brand experiences, resulting in stronger customer relationships.

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