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Boosting Local Visibility: A Guide to Local Service Ads for Small Businesses

  • May 03,2024
Boosting Local Visibility: A Guide to Local Service Ads for Small Businesses

In the digital age that we live in, having a strong online presence becomes the key to the success of any business, certainly for the small businesses which seek to win over their local community. A large number of people are now using the internet to search for local services, and in such a scenario, small businesses need to appear more frequently on the online platforms. 

One of the approaches that work well to enhance local presence and reach out to potential clients is by leveraging Google local services ads (LSA). This guide will take you on a journey through LSA territory, helping you to understand what they are, how they work and how SMEs can use them to increase their market share and improve their online visibility.

Understanding Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Service Ads is a dedicated form of cost per lead advertising powered by Google that is tailored for a specific group of service-based small businesses and the ones promoting on-site sales, just like yours. 

LSAs are considered more important than the standard search ads of the website because they appear on top of the Google search results, which can reach out to more customers compared to the latter. 

It is these ads that display vital information about the business, such as the business name, phone number, working hours, ratings, and reviews. Through this, potential customers can get in touch with local businesses and also manage to contact them directly from the search engine page.

How Do Local Services Ads Operate?

Local service ads act as a smooth and quick linkage between the business and the local customers who are actively looking for their services. Google's Local Services section is highlighted on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) Map Page immediately after users type keyword phrases that are associated with local services. The user gets to choose an advertisement that matches their needs at the moment and pick the right service, be it a plumber to fix a running sink or an electrician to fix a wiring problem.

Upon selecting a business, users can contact them directly through the Google My Business Page, initiating communication via phone call, direct messaging, or other contact options facilitated by the ad. This streamlined process ensures that businesses can efficiently connect with potential customers and capitalize on local demand for their services.

Benefits of Google Local Services Ads for Small Businesses

There are numerous benefits that Google Local Services Ads offer to small businesses looking to boost their local visibility and attract new customers

Increased Visibility and Reach: The fact that LSAs get listed first in Google search results ensures that small businesses are not only exposed to bigger audiences but also in a position to stand out from the bigger competition. The heightened exposure in front of the public helps widen the reach of businesses and makes them easily findable by customers actively searching for their services.

Enhanced Local SEO: Although non-organic, the LSAs can have an impact on the local SEO strategy of a company, even if indirectly. Showing up in both LSAs as well as general search engine results can strengthen a business's online presence, thus eventually, its customers are likely to check out their services.

Ranking Based on Relevance and Responsiveness: Your ad ranking in Local Services Ads is determined by factors such as proximity to customers, reviews, and responsiveness. This ensures that the most relevant and trustworthy businesses are displayed to users, increasing the likelihood of generating quality leads.

Ease of Use: Setting up and managing Local Services Ads is straightforward and doesn't require a complex online presence or website. This makes it accessible and manageable for small to medium-sized businesses, allowing them to start generating leads quickly.

Setting Up Your Google Local Service Ads

Setting up Google Local Service Ads is a straightforward process that involves the following steps:

  1. Check Eligibility: Verify that your business is approved by Google Local Services by confirming the services and locations supported by this platform.

  2. Create Your Business Account: Visit the Google Local Services Ads page and open an account for your business, giving your basic business information including service categories and service areas. Since Google My Business (GMB) now offers call generation ads, which serve a similar purpose to Local Services Ads by connecting businesses directly with customers who are ready to make a call, you might want to consider utilizing GMB for your business instead. With GMB call generation ads, you can promote your services and receive calls directly from potential customers, all within your existing GMB account.

  3. Complete the Background Check: This is a fundamental factor for having the Google Guarantee shield; the background check for your business category and location varies depending on it.

  4. Set Your Budget: Find out how much you can afford to allocate towards leads every week, and then use that information to let Google estimate the number of leads your business can expect.

  5. Manage Your Ad: After your ad is implemented, you must monitor and manage it in the Google Local Services Dashboard by responding to reviews, tracking leads and refining your budget.

  6. Optimize Your Ad: Regularly assess your ad campaign’s performance and implement changes to enhance its performance, including changing the budget, updating the business hours, or tweaking the services you offer.

How Can MARKONIK Help You in Local Service Ads?

At MARKONIK, we realize how much local visibility small businesses need to have, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions to attract as many customers as possible to Google Local Services Ads. We have a team of specialists who are specifically trained in LSA setup, management, and optimization so as to give our clients maximum visibility and generation of leads. 

We take care of everything from crafting compelling ad copy to tracking performance metrics and making adjustments to our strategies when necessary so that businesses can do what they do best — which is to offer top-notch services to their customers. MARKONIK, the expert, helps small businesses dramatically boost their online presence and scale to greater heights in local markets.

Final Words

In summary, Google Local Services Ads are worth every small business to increase its local exposure, attract new clients, and scale up profitably. By understanding the fundamentals of LSAs and following the steps outlined in this guide, small businesses can harness the power of Google's advertising platform to enhance their online presence and drive growth in their local communities. With the right strategy and execution, Google Local Services Ads can become a cornerstone of a small business's marketing efforts, providing a cost-effective and efficient way to connect with local customers and achieve long-term success.