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Markonik is a result of a focus-driven approach, dedication, and passion. We are an experienced and talented team of developers, designers, and digital marketers who love our work and strive to add the highest value to your business.

We are an inventive and thoughtful IT agency skilled with years of knowledge and the passion to upgrade ourselves with the latest technical releases. Our profile extends to 360-degree software solutions catering to different products and industries.

Another sector of our portfolio is our strong IT Services & Digital marketing background. We develop deeper connections with the brands to develop a 100% proven online growth strategy. Our team has worked with companies of all sizes - from small startups to experienced MNCs- and brought them their desired visibility on the online SERPs.

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The Journey of Thousand Miles Begins With Small Steps

Markonik’s strategy is highly personalized, encouraging personal brand connections. We utilize next-gen technology to bring highly profitable engagement to your products. To optimize your business operations, we are also the best Software Agency to consult with. Our integrity, authenticity, and determination make us stand out in front of our clients. We inculcate an innovation-based culture. We love to try out new things and encourage our clients to come up with new ideas too! Together, we can achieve great milestones in the IT and Digital Marketing industry.

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Founder’s Desk Message

Founder’s Desk Message

Dear Friends,

In 2020, the team of Markonik was formed. We, the founders’ team came from vivid backgrounds with one thing in common - “a big dream”. We wanted to carve our brand name in the Software and Digital Marketing Domain. Being young enthusiasts, we had the perfect mix of passion and dedication to come up with results that can turn the profit ranges of any business.

Today, after so many months, we have seen how necessary both IT development and Digital marketing can be. Fortunately, we can claim that we have collaborated with some of the best companies all across the globe. Integrating our business growth strategies, and technical solutions, we have been able to scale up organizations almost 10X to the original idea! You will be surprised to know that presently, there are more than 4 billion internet users all around the World. Among them, 88% of the people prefer the online buying process! If you are not availing the perks of digital marketing, you are only selling to a mere 12% of the potential market!

We are kind of old-fashioned. We love to work hard and try great stuff. Unlike the other companies who treat you just like clients, we treat you and your business as our priority. We don’t give fake estimates or fail the deadlines. We don’t scam! Instead, we believe in bringing in real ROI for your business. Hope to meet you soon and work together towards something big and great!

As we reflect on the journey that has brought us to this point, we are reminded that every success story has humble beginnings.

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You can Trust us! This is our main motto- to make clients believe in us. For this, we work hard and try our best to provide the ultimate product for your company. Our software team is working passionately every moment to create robust, fault-tolerant and scalable software architectures with which you can optimize your business productivity. Our Digital marketing team is working 24/7 to come up with the latest strategies and trends to bring your product in front of everyone. So, what are you waiting for? We are a team full of passion, imagination and dedication ready to work for you. Contact us for all your software and marketing needs.

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