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Markonik uses modern search engine optimization methods like semantic keyword research with tools such as SEMRush and Ahrefs. We do the restructuring of the page elements using HTML5 and schema markup. Our SEO services make sure that your products and services reach the right audience in the right place. Our link-building strategies involve outreach campaigns and we are experts in this field and are loved among our clients for the huge sustainable organic traffic that we bring to the brands.

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Bringing Digital RevenueFor Our Thousands Of Clients

We understand how important your business can be to you! The only dream you must see for your products is that your business thrives and succeeds in all situations! You must have wanted your services to reach out to all the corners of the World. To make these dreams a reality, you need to collaborate with the world-class SEO services of Markonik. Our extensive optimization tactics integrated with years of experience will bring out the best results for your brand.

For the last few years, our company has been adored by our clients for our top service - Search Engine Optimization. Our services have been able to drive an unimaginable amount of traffic to our client’s websites in no amount of time, bringing in lakhs of revenue per month. Being the top SEO Agency, we understand how important SEO can be for enhancing the current sales of your business. Our experts have worked with clients from multiple regions like the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, etc. We are more than ready to learn about your company and its services. Contact us soon with your SEO needs.

  • Rapid Global Reach For Your Brand
  • 100% Transparency and Ethical Services
  • Prioritization of Client All the times
  • Diversified Work Portfolio in SEO and Digital Marketing

With our 360-degree Digital Services,Elevate Your Brand Value

With so many SEO agencies popping up every day all across the Globe, we understand that there is no reason for you to trust us and our services. But, here we are ready to tell you the truth about our business. Our team of SEO specialists don’t treat your business as a task they need to complete. Instead, we treat your business as a baby project that needs passion and genuine hard work to succeed. Our main speciality is our ROI-focused efforts. With our high-quality keyword research and SEO styling, we can drive huge amounts of traffic to our client’s websites and open new doors of business every moment. You should hire our SEo agency because

  • We follow a data-driven approach, and don’t bluff!
  • Team of passionate industry experts
  • Targeted Audience Reach
  • Omnichannel customization just for your Product’s branding
  • 24/7 Availability and Support for Your Digital Needs

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Dominate the Global Internet With Your Organic Presence

If you have opened your online store or brought your portfolio of services online, the only way to grab the perfect sales rate is if you can rank in the SERPs. Only then, you will be able to influence and attract customers organically, giving a profitable boost to your online business. We, as an esteemed organization, prioritize our SEO services and hold an extensive record of bringing immense traffic to our client’s websites. We have helped so many clients from various industries to grow their businesses online and broaden the horizons of their services.

Our keyword research is unique. We know exactly how to search, which keywords to target and how to overcome the difficulties and get your page ranked as #Number1SearchResult! The reason behind this is we don’t work artificially. We study your business, try to understand your services and then analyse who might be your target audience.

Once you share your background with us, our intensive research initiates. We take our work extremely seriously and use all our experience to bring out the best possible results! Our strategies are proven and have worked wonders for everyone. We know our calculations, what steps to take and what not to improve your website performance.

Why are our SEO services so important for your business?

Create Your Fierce First Impression: When your customer googles the required service and finds your website as one of the initial search results, you create the best first impression possible! This makes you look trustworthy and credible to the public, making client conversion much easier and faster.

An Enhanced User Experience: There will be many agencies that sell SEO services. But, our optimization techniques make sure that your user has the best experience. Just imagine your client searching for “best electronic shop” and receiving the contact page directly of your services, how cool would that be! We know the perfect tinges of Technical SEO and construct your pages accordingly.

Cost-effective Organic Business Growth: Advertising campaigns can bring you good clients after a legitimate investment. To avoid all these, try the organic and most cost-effective method to grab the clients, that is none other than SEO optimizations. You will not believe that SEO searches have a 14.6% closing rate!

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us with your SEO Optimization needs!

How Does SEO Work?

Oh, now that’s a good question to ask. Let us explain the SEO Optimization process in brief:

As you know, the process begins with the good old “search intent” where the user types the search query and Google gives the magical endless list of results. But, there is a whole intimate story behind this.

All the search engines use web crawlers to extract information from the indexed pages and then this information is matched with the search intent of the user and according to the updated SEO Guidelines, the pages are ranked in the SERPs.


What are the various ranking factors?

For SEO optimization, there are several factors which matter but they can be broadly classified into the following three categories:

On-page SEO:Now, here the main content in your website comes in the main role. All the information and keywords used in the majority of the content affect the on-page SEO of the website. Our experts use easy-to-understand content strategy, high-resolution images, and optimized HTML tags to make your On-Page SEO effective.

Off-page SEO: This is mainly influenced by the backlinking strategy implemented in your websites. We integrate quality linking strategies, social media integrations, and influencer Marketing to improve your off-page SEO.

Technical SEO: This depends on the various technical factors of your website like the page loading speed, website responsiveness, etc. We make sure that your page has the most impactful technical structure which will help you to win the race ultimately!

Content marketing: Creating and sharing high-quality content that is related to the target audience. This can help to increase website traffic and improve rank in search engines.

Local SEO: Optimizing the websites for local search results. This is critical if you want your website to show up when people search for businesses or services in your area. While standard SEO helps on national and international scale, local SEO works at regional or local level. It helps local businesses to rank higher and gain more online presence.

SEO audit and reporting: We help in identifying parts where the website can be improved to boost its ranking and online visibility in search results.


Keyword Research: The Secret To SEO Optimization

Keywords play an important role in the SEO Optimization journey. Previously, keyword stuffing and low-quality linking were more than enough to get ranked on the Search results. But, now the scenario has totally changed. We need to do intensive research and come up with the most impactful strategies to actually make your websites rank higher.

What is our keyword research strategy?

  • First, we target a hyper-niche. Ranking your website on a broad search term can be really difficult. So, we narrow down the search intent and try to rank on those hyper niches first, to get the initial reach.
  • Next, we do dedicated keyword research using multiple premium tools based on multiple factors like keyword difficulty, global search volume, clicks per search, etc.
  • Next, we create our Keyword map and bring our research down to one place. From here, we also plan out the digital marketing and content writing strategy!

Our clients have given a really happy and positive response regarding our ranking services based on keywords. They simply say, “Your approach is refreshing!”

Get in touch with us to get the best Keyword Research services for your business.

How do we Improve Your Technical SEO?

Nowadays, you know that 80% of Google users prefer mobile searches to desktop-based sites. So, making your website mobile-friendly is a primary factor if you want to improve your Technical SEO score. Apart from that, we integrate multiple suggestions that boost your technical SEO more than your competitive sites:

  • XML Sitemaing: We ensure that you keep your sitemap current and submit it to the Google search engine for getting indexed.
  • Canonical tags: Integration of canonical tags can prevent the issue of any duplicate content.
  • Schema Markup: You can make your search results better by using schema markup. It makes them more informative.

Establish Your Brand Authority With Proper Backlinking

With the updated Google SEO guidelines, you will notice that if your site has poor-quality linking then, your website will be penalized and ranked lower. So, to rank according to the current algorithm, it’s important that you start valuing backlinking strategies.

  • Excellent content: The primary secret is still the quality of the content you are putting out on the website. If the content is not unique or doesn’t make sense to the users, none of the strategies will ever work!
  • Relationship building: With proper relationships with influencers, bloggers, etc, you can boost your backlinking strategy and bring some convertible traffic to your website.
  • Right Guest Blogs: With our proper Optimization strategies and the right keyword, you will be able to implement the best guest blogging track that can actually add some value to the life of your consumers, improving client retention rates!

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So, what are you waiting for? Without a proper SEO strategy, you will never be able to reach the target you are targeting. You need to implement the right optimization in your website structure and publish your content following the SEO needs and only then the organic growth of your business will begin.



After being in this industry for so many years, we know how search engines work! We do this work out of our passion and desire. So, your needs will be our priority. We won’t compromise for less. Our agency will make sure that your business achieves the reach it actually deserves!

Key takeaways:

  • More organic traffic.
  • Improved brand visibility.
  • Increased conversion rates.
  • Improved website reputation.

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Certainly, We track recordings of all activities in detail and we monitor SEO strategies periodically to give your brand the desired rankings for the search keywords. It assures your company will succeed in the long term.


We guarantee to raise your organic traffic and the growth of a new client base by utilizing our optimization campaigns.

Yes, we believe in adopting ethical practices and transparency for the future prosperity of your business.

It differs, but you could see the results almost immediately: from several weeks to months with the significant outcomes appearing later on.

SEO provides a better positioning for your website on search engines like Google, increasing the number of visitors and leads to the site.

SEO is an ongoing process. Search engines constantly update their algorithms, and competition in the online space is ever evolving. To maintain and improve your rankings, continuous optimization, monitoring, and content updates are necessary.

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