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We, at Markonik are known for our tailored IVR Marketing Services all around the globe. With thousands of satisfied clients in different industries, we promise personalized IVR marketing for all of our clients. Our strategies bring in higher traffic and make sure a strong ROI by the end of the campaign. Contact us with your IVR Marketing needs and streamline your operations in the best possible way.

Best Ivr marketing services in India

Enhance Your Customer Communication and Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

At Markonik we take pride in delivering personalised and result driven solutions that help your business to connect, engage and succeed in the digital world. We offer cutting edge Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services. We provide the best IVR services that are designed to enhance the customer experience. With our IVR cutting edge technologies your business can stand out in the crowd. Our tailored IVR strategies will offer your business a streamline communication, improve efficiency, and elevate your business to new heights. We have a team of experienced professionals who are experts in IVR technology and digital marketing.

  • Custom IVR Solutions
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Seamless Customer Interaction
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Benefit of Service

We offer a range of benefits with our cutting edge IVER service tailored to revolutionise your customer communication and drive your business success. We are here to transform the way you interact with your customers.

  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Multi-language Support
  • Cost Savings
  • Customized Solutions

Increase Your Business Efficiency: With The Best
IVR Marketing Agency

Having an up-to-date automated IVR system improves the customer and staff experience while saving time. IVR prioritizes calls and routes them to the proper department. It may be used by many sorts of organizations to manage inbound and outbound leads while also enhancing corporate productivity.

At Markonik, we understand that we help your brand quickly talk to your customers about your products and services. This way, we make sure you talk to your customers quickly and answer their questions using a system called IVR. This helps your business sell more and gain trust from your customers.

What Does IVR Mean?

Interactive Voice Responses are software programmes that use speech recognition capabilities or phones to connect with callers. Instead of having a live person directly call, IVR automatically directs the calls to the respective centers based on the response it receives.

You can always customize this automated system according to your business' needs and direct the caller to take the desired actions. Having an IVR system updated for your agency will help increase productivity and efficiency. Customers can directly connect with the right person within a short period of time and ask for any queries.

Two types of IVR Services for better results:

Single-level IVR: This type of IVR can be used to connect with a person or send a message, mainly because it does not need multiple inputs and can work on single inputs. This is the most basic type of IVR, where you can only add one layer of IVR to your call stream.

Multi-level IVR:  Creating an IVR menu with a 0-9 prompt might be difficult at times. In this situation, you may simplify the procedure by including many levels of IVR into your call flow.

Businesses can use it in the following ways:

  • Greeting and helping callers
  • Customer information gathering
  • Calls get routed to the right person.
  • Renewal and payment processes
  • To register problems.

From providing business offerings to collecting payment processes, IVR can help customers make the most of their interaction with your company.

Communicate Effectively With The Best IVR Agency

IVR creates a menu system that captures caller replies using speech controls or touchpads. These replies are used by the IVR system to direct those calls to the right department within the company.

When the caller initially phones in and is welcomed by a pre-recorded message. Before diving into multiple menu sections, IVR marketing system may inquire about your language preference Click the respective number to choose the specific language. For instance, press 1 for IVR service, 2 for sales, 3 for customer support, and so on. Based on the response it receives, it directs the calls to the appropriate center. We set up such a customized system to make sure that the calls go exactly where it needs to be based on the response. So, you'll always stay ahead in the game and will generate more sales and revenue with quick response

How IVR Marketing Helps Your Business:

IVR works for both inbound and outbound leads and for all types of businesses. It not only offers routing benefits but also comes with a lot of other benefits, like:

Enhance incoming call routing:

Customers greatly benefit from improved incoming call routing. Customers appreciate the products and services of companies that are up-to-date, trustworthy, and respond immediately to their inquiries. IVR systems automate the inbound call routing process, making it more efficient and allowing customers to access the service they need more quickly. With our support, you'll be on top of your game, impressing your consumers with smooth and quick service.

Improve inbound call routing:

Improving inbound call routing has a significant impact on customers. IVR systems automate the inbound call routing process by making it more efficient, so it doesn't need any support from staff and gets customers the service they seek more quickly.

Simplify cold calling:

Cold calling is a bit of a hectic process, but with IVR, you can automate reaching out to outbound leads. IVR is cheaper as compared to outsourcing campaigns or in-house staff. It also allows you to analyze the responsive rate of your calls, as it has data tied to it, and then you can modify some details if needed after the end of a marketing campaign.

Notify clients:

In this busy world, consumers don't want to spend a lot of time getting responses. They want service and product questions answered as quickly as possible and with as little interaction as possible. So IVR helps to develop a response with a quick approach to reduce the verification calls and ease the process of informing the customers without wasting their time.

Conduct surveys:

IVR is beneficial for conducting market research. These can be done by conducting phone calls and surveys, especially those associated with prizes, coupons, and discounts. These are excellent ways to get information about the target audience. It helps to do market research that is based on purchased lists, regions, etc. As this is an automated process, it can be done frequently without hiring anyone.

Collect feedback:

IVR helps collect feedback from customers. This can be done through surveys or phone calls, as valuable feedback helps to improve the services and strategies.

Leverage The Power Of IVR Marketing With Markonik:

Automated customer order checking:

If the customer wants to check their order status, they can simply dial the company number, enter their user ID, and receive their respective information without any human interaction. We have mastered the art of developing user-friendly IVR systems that not only save time but also improve customer satisfaction.

All language interactions:

IVR makes it easy to communicate with customers using all types of languages without actually hiring individuals for different languages. Our expertise assures that your IVR system speaks the global language for client fulfillment, making your company accessible and welcoming to all.

Order verification:

Orders, especially those based on cash on delivery, need to be verified by the customers before they go for delivery, as it will save a lot of time and money. IVR makes it possible to ensure order verification by customers. We know how to set it up so that your business functions easily and efficiently, lowering expenses while maintaining consumers' fulfillment.

Easy processing of updates:

This method is used when customers pay for the services they choose, from booking a movie ticket to ordering food for home delivery. It helps to do that more efficiently; IVR works well even when it comes to the payment process. Our team of experts make sure that the payment procedure is simple, allowing your consumers to enjoy the services they pick without difficulty.

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Frequently Asked Question
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A: IVR (Interactive Voice Response) services are defined as automated telephony systems that allow your business to interact with potential users by using voice or touch tone keypad inputs. IVR services can ignite your brand by providing round to clock availability, efficiently handling customer queries, and enhancing the overall customer experience.

Yes, IVR and SMS services can be effortlessly integrated to work together for your marketing strategy. This interaction is known as a multi-channel approach, where the SMS service will focus on following up, nurturing leads and delivering timely information whereas the IVR services will capture IVR can capture leads and route calls based on customer preferences.

A: IVR services are designed to handle various types of customer interaction including customer inquiries, order status updates, account balance check, appointment scheduling and many more.

A: IVR services very skillfully handles customer inquiries just by providing responses to common questions and queries of the customers. These are generally pre-recorded responses and in some cases the calls are routed to the appropriate department. This helps in reducing wait time, improves customer satisfaction, and allows your support team to focus on more complex issues.

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