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Markonik: Get in Customers' Pockets. High-Impact SMS Marketing.

You must have received an SMS from some brands promoting their services. You can also do the same with our bulk SMS marketing services. Our main feature is personalized and impactful SMS messages which easily attracts the users. Our SMS delivery optimization is performed through A/B testing and machine learning technologies, while our compliance with data protection regulations such as GDPR and TCPA is achieved via automatic consent management systems.


Streamline Your Marketing Efforts

Harness the power of SMS marketing with Markonik to engage, inform, and delight your audience like never before.Your business will harness the potential of SMS marketing that can drive unparalleled reach, engagement and conversion rates. Your success is our priority. We provide best services, refined strategies to make you stay ahead in the competition. With our cutting edge SMS services your messages wsill reach your customers instantly.

  • Seamless Customer Interaction
  • Multi Channel Integration
  • Personalised SMS campaigns
  • Real Time Analytics

Benefit of Service

With our expertise and dedication in providing you with innovative and effective SMS services, we focus on a customer centric approach and provide you with higher engagement rates and customer satisfaction.

  • Instant Reach
  • Customised Solutions
  • High Engagement
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Automated SMS
  • Bulk SMS Campaigns

Engage Directly With Your Target Audience
and Generate Sales With SMS Marketing:

In order to communicate with the customers, it is essential to connect with them and offer a solution to their problems. SMS marketing is an effective method with high open rates and more engagements.

What is SMS Marketing?

Short Message Service is a communication technology that allows mobile phones to send and receive texts. SMS marketing is so effective because it works without the need for any internet network, and all types of mobile phones allow testing messaging features.

SMS marketing is the art of promoting your products and services by updating customers on important information such as sales, discounts, and more. SMS marketing is generally used to communicate time-bound offers, updates, and alerts to the people who have agreed to receive the message.

Here’s How SMS Marketing is Used:



When there is a limited-time sale or promotion, you want the maximum number of people to know about your offers. One of the most effective ways to attract customers is to offer them discounts or gifts and let them know about your products and services through an SMS marketing campaign.

Act as a Reminder:

Sending SMS messages is the fastest and easiest way to remind your target audience about the offerings and current discounts and motivate them to take action in a limited time.

Urgent Event Updates:

Businesses with a large number of employees find it hard to communicate and inform individuals of urgent messages. Since SMS has higher open rates, it is a great way to ensure that most of them might have seen it.

Is SMS marketing effective?

Yes, SMS marketing is more effective and brings more engagement as compared to other forms of marketing. Email marketing and SMS marketing campaigns run on a similar strategy, but SMS campaigns allow you to send instant messages with a low word count, whereas email marketing needs a long form of content with useful resources and prior planning.

More Engagement:

Most of the SMS are read within five minutes of being sent, which makes it more successful when it comes to conveying urgent and critical information with high open rates.


The most significant advantage of SMS marketing is that it does not require internet connectivity to communicate with the target group. SMS marketing campaigns operate independently of the internet and connect with recipients regardless of their location, device, or internet access.



SMS marketing does not need extensive planning, such as the selection of designs or the creation of lengthy content. To implement the plan based on time and interest, you can simply send them surveys to find out their experience with your items.


How Does SMS Marketing Work?

First, we obtain consent from your target audience to receive SMS communications. After customers agree to receive the information, text messages are sent from code numbers that are 5-6 digits longer and do not typically reveal the provider's identity; therefore, it is critical to include the company's name in the text so people know from whom they are receiving the messages.

Two types of SMS can be sent in SMS marketing:


In this case, the messages are sent in bulk to many people in a single click, all at once. This strategy is used to promote companies products, services, discounts, or any other offers.

Transactional communications:

They are sent one-on-one rather than in bulk; they contain messages such as order confirmations or delivery information where essential information is supplied through messages on occasion.

Best Strategies We Practice For SMS Marketing:

Text messages are very cost friendly and time saving methods to let your ideal customers know about your brand, offer urgent information and more.

SMS Opt-in Permission:

The first rule revolves around receiving the consent of the customers to send them SMS regarding the company's products, any information, or any updates. Moreover, our best SMS marketing agency adds the option of an unsubscribe button via a link in the text, which gives the reader a choice about whether they want to receive the text messages or not.

Select the Timing:

Unlike any other platforms, such as social media or email, where people receive them at a specific and limited time, SMS works differently. People tend to open it immediately after receiving it, and therefore, this works great, especially with urgent messages.


Include the company’s name:

Whenever sending messages in bulk, providers use short codes of 5–6 digits so the receiver won't know from where it has been sent. Therefore, it becomes important to include your company name so that people may know about your brand.


Add a compelling CTA:

Adding a strong call to action helps the business guide the customers to take the desired action by clicking the CTA button.

Who May Benefit From SMS Marketing?

Whether you have a small or large business, SMS marketing works for everyone. It saves a lot of time and energy and delivers the information within a short period of time.


Travel agencies:

SMS marketing can be a great friend for travel agencies as customers have urgent needs for information on time updates, weather updates, flight information, etc.

Businesses that provide appointment services:

You can send follow-up reminders to your clients so they don't miss any appointments. This will save a lot of time and energy.


Big companies:

Using text messages is the fastest way you can communicate with your employees and let them know urgent information within a short period of time.



It can be used to send confirmation messages, shipping information, and more.

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Frequently Asked Question
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A: SMS Services contribute a lot during your marketing phase, they help your business by enabling you to send targeted and personalised messages directly and easily to your target audience's phone. A business can use SMS services for other purposes like promotions, updates, appointment reminders, and other time-sensitive communications, resulting in increased engagement and higher conversion rates.

A: Yes, SMS services can seamlessly enhance your customer engagement by sending personalised and relevant messages to your customers. They are designed to create a direct and immediate line of communication which allows businesses to engage with their customers,take feedback from them and address their inquiries promptly.

A: Yes, this is one of the main features of SMS services that they can be automated. Your business can easily set up automated SMS flows which allows you to send pre-scheduled messages, such as welcome greetings, order confirmations, and delivery updates, ensuring timely communication and efficiency.

A: With our services your business will get ,Instant Reach,Customised Solutions,High Engagement,Real-Time Analytics, Automated SMS Bulk SMS Campaigns.

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