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The Future of Digital Marketing in Real Estate: Trends to Watch

  • Jun 12,2024
The Future of Digital Marketing in Real Estate: Trends to Watch

Real Estate development is an extremely transforming domain, bringing up new changes every single day! So, if you are worried about how to cope with these vivid changes and still stay at the top of your game, then this article is just the perfect read for you! We are here with some strong upcoming trends that are going to totally transform the digital marketing implementation in the real estate field. Let’s explore these factors in detail in this article. 

What are Some of the Best Digital Marketing Trends in Real Estate in 2024?

1. Mobile-Based Experiences Will Become Mandatory

Mobile-first experiences will become the standard of the real estate digital marketing future. Since more and more consumers search for properties on their smartphones, firms in the real estate sector should focus on developing mobile applications.

According to the latest tech giants dealing in upcoming digital marketing trends in real estate, people will start to use applications that provide more complex services like property selection based on artificial intelligence and real-time video conferencing with brokers. You will be surprised to learn that Zillow has already started to implement these changes. Zillow’s mobile app offers intuitive navigation, AR features for home visualization, and instant notifications for new listings.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. User-Friendly Apps: Design applications that can give smooth property search results and tours.

  2. AR Integration: Let the users see the changes they are going to make in their home and the position of the furniture through augmented reality options.

  3. Push Notifications: Whenever there are new listings or any change in the price or open house, give a notification to the registered users.

2.  Strategies Must Be Customized For Individual Properties

A digital marketing agency for real estate in Miami successfully leveraged these trends to transform their client’s sales.  The main strategy they followed was customizing all of their ads based on the property they were trying to sell. 

This idea really kicked off sales, generating a booming score in business revenue. The agency created targeted ads highlighting the unique features of Miami's beachfront lifestyle, such as easy access to marinas and exclusive nightlife spots. They used geo targeting to show these ads to potential buyers in high-income zip codes across the country. This will become one of the compulsions in the upcoming years.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Produce high-quality video tours of properties, including drone footage of the scenic views and surrounding amenities.

  2. Promote on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, where visual content tends to perform exceptionally well.

3. Advanced Websites With Interactive Features in Next!

In the upcoming years, websites will have to be more interactive and dynamic as these are the two ways to capture the user’s attention. Creating a blatant informative website will not suffice. With everyone shifting to digital platforms as major real estate marketing trends in 2024, personalization of users’ experiences with the help of AI, and improvements to Virtual tours, etc, will become mandatory needs. 

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Responsive Design: Make sure that your website is properly readable on all device types but with a specific focus on the mobile view.

  2. Interactive Elements: Integrate maps and overlays, property comparison services, and mortgage estimate services.

  3. Speed Optimization: Minimise the landing page bounce rate and enhance usability through speedy website loading.

4. Adapting with Local and Voice Search

This trend has started to take place in recent days and will become the future of real estate digital marketing. People no longer prefer to type what they search for. Instead, they directly say it out aloud. Users will prefer more localized and voice-controlled searches. In 2024, a local case study suggested that when a real estate agency optimized for voice search queries like "homes for sale near me", it started capturing more traffic than ever!

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Local SEO: Finally, it is crucial to utilize local SEO for searches in your area and keep your Google My Business account up to date.

  2. Voice Search: Optimise pages for voice search using long-tail keywords and conversational terms.

5. Partnering With Influencers For Promotions

Digital marketing is revolutionizing the real estate industry, providing powerful tools to engage specific audiences effectively. One of the most impactful trends is influencer marketing, which can significantly boost your visibility and sales. A digital marketing agency for real estate in Gujarat successfully utilized these trends to enhance their client’s sales. They targeted luxury apartments in Ahmedabad, appealing to young professionals and tech-savvy buyers.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  • Collaborate with popular local influencers to create engaging content about the properties. 

  • Influencers will share their visits to open houses, highlighting unique features and amenities through Instagram Stories and YouTube videos.

6. Smart Bidding in Google/PPC Ads 

The number of ads has increased in the past few years, and hence, it is very important that you invest in the right keywords at the right time. One of the emerging trends in real estate marketing in Google Ads is that AI/ML-based algorithms and business analytics are used to improve the targeting and effectiveness of advertisements.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Smart Bidding: Use the display network to target the audience and make use of Google’s Smart Bidding strategies to bid effectively for conversions.

  2. Dynamic Search Ads: Automatically target relevant searches based on your website content.

7. Social Media Marketing Will Be Focused on Videos and Memes

There have been some major changes in the social media platforms. Audiences no longer prefer to engage in long readable posts but more on Video Content and Live Streaming. This trend in Digital marketing innovations in real estate is expected to continue; hence, social media marketing strategies will start incorporating short video formats for promotion. Improvements in incorporating VR and AR technology for virtual tours of buildings and property exhibitions.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Live Tours: Promote live virtual tours on Facebook Live, Instagram Live and similar services.

  2. Short-Form Videos: Start sharing geo-location-based property characteristics and market trends in the format of memes on social media platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts.

  3. User-Generated Content: Extend an invitation to your fulfilled clients to narrate their experience, and do not forget to let your business account receive mentions on social media platforms.

8. Using Hyper-Targeted Campaign For Social Media Ads

Personalized advertisements will lead to a higher level of engagement due to the relevance of the content among the public. In the upcoming days, there will be more advanced targeting tactics apart from hashtags and keywords, which will lead to better results in the next few years. 

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Advanced Targeting: When addressing your target market, leverage demographic, interest, and behaviour targeting to identify ICPs.

  2. Carousel Ads: Present at least two characteristics or products in one ad space.

9. Inclusion of Virtual Assistants and Chatbots on the Website

One of the significant trends is the use of chatbots and AI-powered assistants, which can significantly enhance customer service and streamline operations. The real-estate agencies are implementing a chatbot on their website and social media platforms that could answer common questions, schedule viewings, and pre-qualify leads.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  • Train the chatbots to provide detailed property information, availability, and pricing, and it could connect potential buyers with human agents for more complex inquiries.

  • Start using virtual walkthroughs of the interiors while responding to the users.

10. Visuals Will Determine the Sales Score Significantly.

There is a huge shift in the demand for high-quality graphic designs. Nowadays, normal 2D posters and ads won’t suffice. You need to implement something much more advanced than that. By investing in high-quality visuals, you can be assured of getting better traffic than ever.  Strong visuals and adherence to a unified theme should help in the case of reaction and participation levels.

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Professional Photos and Videos: Be sure to always use high-quality pictures to appeal to possible buyers.

  2. Consistent Branding: It should be noted that consistent branding of the different marketing products is a must.

  3. Infographics: Employ the combination of text and images to illustrate market data and property features in an aesthetic manner.

11. Attract Customers Through Content Marketing

Nowadays, Google is focussing more on giving a value-based experience for the users. All the public wants to indulge in informative articles, and that’s what matters the most to succeed in SEO nowadays. In the upcoming future, around 2025, this will transform to become the most significant way of generating leads.. 

Tips to Keep In Mind:

  1. Blog Posts: Write and post blogs that focus on market reports, home-buying advice, and local real estate information.

  2. E-books and Guides: This may include downloadable resources that you can use to capture leads and offer to help the businesses.

  3. Email Newsletters: Email your subscribers at least once a week with selected articles and other resources to share with them.

Final Words

Markonik, the best digital marketing agency for real estate, offers a comprehensive suite of services to help you navigate the real estate digital marketing future. Our expertise ensures your business thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape. We have worked with multiple real estate builders and know how to bring your properties to the limelight and get the best leads for you! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you succeed in the real estate digital marketing future.