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Instagram banned hashtags: Types and complete list in 2024

  • May 17,2024
Instagram banned hashtags: Types and complete list in 2024

In 2024, Instagram has proven itself as one of the most powerful tools that you can use to market your products online. It is a free platform where you can post whatever your opinions are and connect without any barriers to the audience. 

Here, you can create interesting posts and associate them with exciting pictures. But all of these are on one side, and tagging them with accurate hashtags is on the other side. Hashtags form a primary feature of Instagram, and without them, posts seem to be incomplete!

But you will be curious to know that there are certain hashtags which are totally banned from being used on Instagram. If you are wondering why they are banners, it is mainly to protect the user base and make sure that no person is offended by any hashtag.

So, without any more waiting, let’s learn about Instagram banned hashtags 2024. 

Types of Banner Hashtags

There are two major types of banned hashtags on Instagram, namely:

  1. Temporary Banned Hashtags: These are the hashtags which get banned when someone reports the posts. It is a little difficult to identify which are the exact hashtags that have been reported and are temporarily banned. This is for only a certain period of time, and they can be used again in the future. However, during the ban period, you need to make sure that you are avoiding them strictly, as it can seriously affect the reach of your posts.

  2. Permanently Banned Hashtags: Next is the permanently banned hashtags. They are the ones who have been banned forever on Instagram. You should never use these in your posts, as they strictly go against the Instagram guidelines. Usage of these hashtags can lead to serious penalties. 

To find out which are the perfect hashtags to use in your posts, you can try out apps like Flick and Loomly. These apps will help you to get insightful conclusions about the hashtags and you can ultimately use the exactly necessary hashtags with the relevant posts. With the right research in the correct direction, hashtags can be extremely helpful in connecting your posts with the right audience. Also, keep in mind that with the combination of right hashtags, the SEO also gets impacted heavily and hence, these keywords carry a heavy weightage in the world of Instagram.

What Are The Impacts Of Using Banned Hashtags?

The major purpose of banning some hashtags is to make sure that everyone is comfortable while using the application. None of the posts created by you should contain any such banned word which can offend any person or lead to any feeling of offense. So, to protect everyone’s rights and interests, Instagram has imposed strict rules, and you must abide by them.

To understand if any hashtag is eligible for use, you need to search for those hashtags, and if it appears in the search results, you are allowed to use those hashtags. If you are searching for any hashtag and can’t see any results, it basically refers to the fact that your hashtag is banned from being used on Instagram. You need to always keep checking this so that you have a list of Updated Instagram banned tags.

One of the major consequences of using anything from the Complete list of banned Instagram hashtags 2024 can lead to shadow banning of your instagram account. This basically means that Instagram will ban your account without your awareness. However, this happens when you use them continuously for more than one time. Otherwise, the main consequence is a decrease in organic reach and traffic.


How To Identify The Right Hashtags For Your Instagram Post?

The ability to identify appropriate hashtags and understand Instagram banned tags in order to get the most visibility and engagement out of your Instagram posts is essential.

1. Research Relevant Keywords: First, write down keywords that match your post’s content, market segment, and industry. Utilize Instagram's search box, and keyword research tools or scroll through popular accounts to find out what the current hashtags and phrases are all about.

2. Analyze Competitors: check what hashtags your competitors or other similar accounts are using. This can provide info about which hashtags are popular and appropriately used in your niche.

3. Check Hashtag Popularity: Review the top hashtags by activity and popularity in the search bar of Instagram. Don't make use of very broad hashtags which are oversaturated instead as well as banned hashtags e. g., the latest banned hashtags on Instagram.

4. Explore Niche Hashtags: Use the niche-specific hashtags relating to the topic of discussion. These hashtags may have a smaller yet more focused search volume, attracting users who are drawn to your niche.

5. Mix Popular and Niche Hashtags: Create a balance between using popular, high-volume tags and niche-relevant ones. This can help you reach a bigger market and users who may have a higher engagement with your content.

6. Review Instagram's Guidelines: Become acquainted with Instagram's hashtag restrictions and rules. Abstain from utilizing banned hashtags or hashtags that break Instagram's community principles, as this might result in your post being hidden or penalized.

7. Monitor Performance: Mark the hashtags that are driving the most engagement and visibility for your posts throughout. Adapt your hashtag strategy accordingly based on the data you have to maximize your reach and engagement over a period of time. 

Mistakes That You Must Avoid

  1. Don't oversaturate your post with too many hashtags.

  2. Stop placing random hashtags within your post, do proper research.

  3. Never use any banned hashtag!

  4. Start using some hashtags within your post text.

  5. Don't just use popular or generic hashtags.

Final Words

Now, you finally know what are the banned hashtags and what you should do or avoid on Instagram. Be very careful while you are curating your post. Do proper research, and only then, post anything from your account. This will help you to get the best results online and grow your audience in a very short span of time. You can contact any of the best Social media marketing agencies, like Markonik, to help you out in creating social media posts. They know exactly what to post and what not! With professional guidance, you will be able to create a greater impact on the audience.